The Philosophy

SWAN Consulting exists to serve Leaders and Organisations to create an environment where all can be great.

SWAN Consulting believes in values based leadership.  The foundations of our work are the values that are SWAN.

The SWAN vision is to be known as a collective that fosters generative possibility

Ana Oliveira Pinto – Portugal

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Ana has 14 years’ experience of working with organisations in change and development as an external consultant. Ana firmly believes that everyone is resourceful and has the capacity to find their own way of accomplishing their dream and life’s vision. Each of us can make a difference and positively influence the various systems to which we belong. As a Coach she provides her clients with the space to develop themselves to become the person they want to be, to take responsibly for their life, which ultimately means an awareness of ones’ limiting beliefs and paradigms and act upon them. As an organisational development consultant, her passion is to find new possibilities and perspectives that can enhance personal fulfilment and outstanding performance. Ana has worked for a wide range of sectors including IT, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG. Current clients include members of the senior management team in Pepsico, Bosch Security Systems, Siscog and Unicer.
Ana’s recent consulting assignments include:
· Design and facilitation of a Culture Change and Management Development programme, based on principles of Action Learning Groups for a major drinks company
· Design and facilitation of an executive development programme and 1-1 coaching of executives to maximise team performance for a software company
· Design and facilitation of a development programme, based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and 1-1 coaching for an education and arts organisation.
· Design and facilitation of a Leadership Programme for an insurance company
· Executive 1-1-coaching programmes for key senior managers in Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Electronic Companies.Ana currently works in Portugal and frequently in an international setting, as she has been involved in international projects with team members of different nationalities, namely UK, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Line management experience During her 14 years of consultancy, Ana managed several project teams as team leader. Her collaborative and results-oriented leadership style helped her successfully deliver the project goals. She is recognised as someone who creates a team spirit and an environment for learning and achieving.Background
Ana has been self-employed for four years and works in association with SWAN. Before this, she worked as senior consultant in two multinational consultancy firms. She has a History Degree from Faculdade de Letras – Universidade Clássica de Lisboa and completed several training programmes in the fields of management, behavioural change, soft skills and self-development. Ana is certified in Coaching (International Coach Certification by the International Coaching Community and ACSTH – Approved Coach Specific Training Hours, by the International Coach Federation) and in Emotional Intelligence (ECI 360º-Hay Group and Daniel Goleman). Ana is currently involved in the final stage of being certified as a trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming. Ana also have been studying the psychotherapy human approach of Client Centered.