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SWAN Consulting exists to serve Leaders and Organisations to create an environment where all can be great.

SWAN Consulting believes in values based leadership.  The foundations of our work are the values that are SWAN.

The SWAN vision is to be known as a collective that fosters generative possibility

Andrea Klinčoková – Czech Republic

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Andrea is a Slovak national who has lived and worked in the Czech Republic for the last 10 years. Originally from Bratislava, where she built the HR department for DHL in Slovak Republic, she relocated to Prague where she worked for several multi-national companies.
She is the current president of the ICF (International Coach Federation) Prague chapter.  One of Andrea’s biggest challenges is to develop the chapter by increasing awareness of and demand for coaching in the Czech Republic. Her ability to absorb ideas in one language and seamlessly transfer them to Czech or Slovak is a powerful ally in her work with her clients. Andrea works in association with SWAN Consulting in support of executive clients and their self development.She has over 14 years management and HR consultancy experience. Currently her focus is on one-on-one life coaching, executive coaching and career transition coaching. Andrea coaches clients in Czech, Slovak and English. Her clients include Dell Computer and DHL, plus many smaller Czech companies.

Some of her recent assignments include
Leadership coaching for the Managing Director of a Czech Company
Mentoring tuition and coaching for members of senior management at DHL Life coaching for several individuals (senior managers)
Personal development mentoring and “coaching for success” with the managing
Director of a small Czech company
Pro bono tele-coaching and tuition for several Czech & Slovak university students.Line management experience
Andrea has over 14 years management and HR consultancy experience in Czech Republic and Slovakia. She has had diverse sales, marketing, training and consulting experience.  She was the marketing manager of Sybase ČR, and General Manager of Interplus Recruitment. She currently leads her own recruitment, HR and coaching consultancy in Prague.

Initially Andrea’s academic focus was on a degree in Linguistics at the University of Jan Amos Komensky. She soon realised that her emerges were better utilised in the world of commerce and started her commercial career. She worked in a variety of industries and disciplines including sales, marketing and HR at companies such as DHL ISSC, Sybase, Dell, SUN Microsystems and Bank Paribas.