The Philosophy

SWAN Consulting exists to serve Leaders and Organisations to create an environment where all can be great.

SWAN Consulting believes in values based leadership.  The foundations of our work are the values that are SWAN.

The SWAN vision is to be known as a collective that fosters generative possibility


Leading the way.  Experience for yourself how SWAN Consulting can transform your organisation’s leadership qualities

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Leadership Compass

Listen to what other leaders have to say about their experience and benefits of participating in the Leadership Compass© programme.

Emotional Intelligence

Using the neuroscience of emotions, letters to loved ones, keeping a journal….

these are some of the activities on Sony Europe’s Senior Leadership Development Programme- they are all geared towards creating more emotionally aware leaders

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Articles to stimulate leadership thinking

How is leadership valued today? Well look at any annual report and it seems obvious that leadership is valued by the numbers on the bottom line. But should money be the sole measure for evaluating and rewarding the effectiveness of a leader?

In a new Harvard Business School working paper, 3 experts on organisational behaviour revisit the meaning of leadership.

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Have you ever heard the saying that “an overdone strength becomes a weakness”? We all have strengths and our signature strengths are those qualities that come easiest to us- but how might they be viewed by others if we ‘over do them’?

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How do you spot the signature strengths of your colleagues and peers, your friends and family?

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Recommended reading for leaders of tomorrow




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