The Philosophy

SWAN Consulting exists to serve Leaders and Organisations to create an environment where all can be great.

SWAN Consulting believes in values based leadership.  The foundations of our work are the values that are SWAN.

The SWAN vision is to be known as a collective that fosters generative possibility

360° Feedback



SWAN has developed a unique approach to gathering 360º feedback – the uniqueness comes from the way the questions are asked.

With the automated process you are able to ask questions that are created specifically for you and your organisation’s culture. And it is a really personal approach unlike many of the ‘off the shelf’ processes around today.

Our dialogic approach to gathering 360º feedback affords you the opportunity to get rich and valuable insights from those you work most closely with.

We use an appreciative strengths based approach, and the results are very powerful.

How would you use 360º feedback from SWAN? – well the ways are countless. Clients who have experienced 360º feedback with us have used their feedback in a number of ways:

  • To focus their future development agenda
  • Engage with their boss about their next promotion
  • Invite global stakeholders to contribute in the talent review process
  • Team building


360º feedback offers you the opportunity to see yourself through the experiences of others – a powerful perspective to develop from.

– Confucius