The Philosophy

SWAN Consulting exists to serve Leaders and Organisations to create an environment where all can be great.

SWAN Consulting believes in values based leadership.  The foundations of our work are the values that are SWAN.

The SWAN vision is to be known as a collective that fosters generative possibility

The Core Team

About Us

The core team at SWAN Consulting come from different backgrounds and have one thing in common, their passion for excellence through development. Together they form a strong association that is highly valued by clients. View the profiles of our team …….

Meet The Team

Alexandra Smith – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience

Alexandra is the founder of SWAN Consulting and has an extensive track record in Leadership Development and Coaching, Organisational Development and Change Management. Alexandra’s approach is client centred and takes account of the complexity of a business environment. She focuses on the inter-dependent nature of business relationships and performance, and encourages individuals and executive teams to demonstrate the character of true leadership. Her approach is always pragmatic and stimulating and is underpinned by a belief that authenticity is the means for accessing and fostering untapped potential.
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Angela Jopling – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Angela brings a unique blend of experiences to her leadership development and coaching practice. She has 18 years working with organisations in change and organisation design and development roles.– both internal and as an external consultant.
Angela believes that clients hugely benefit from being authentic in the workplace, so she works with them on how to bring the whole person to their leadership roles. 
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Gilly Rutherford – UK

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Gilly has a strong business background and extensive experience as a coach and facilitator. She takes a systemic approach to client work, focussing on client motivation and creativity. She believes that leadership and learning are inextricably linked.
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Kate McGuire – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Kate is an executive coach, group facilitator, and Organisation Development consultant. She combines her knowledge of individual development and learning with her experience of organisations and organisational change. Kate uses conversation and humour, and an appropriate level of challenge, to help clients reflect on their experience, identify learned patterns of behaviour or thinking that are no longer helpful, and devise new strategies for the future to improve leadership impact, relationships, and work performance. Kate has worked with a range of clients, including BG Group, Royal College of Nursing, Diageo, Nationwide, and the National Policing Improvement Agency. She also works with Yarrow, a small charity which provides housing for people with disabilities, and private clients on their career choices.

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Alison Sheridan – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Alison has experience within commerce and industry, specifically within international banking where she spent eight years working in prestigious international organisations.
She is a professionally qualified Coach, with extensive experience in coaching senior corporate leaders & rising stars in top talent pools. Having played two sports at international level, captaining British & Irish teams, Alison has a natural affinity for working with talented teams, who aspire to operate at the highest level.
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Julie Bickerton – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Julie has extensive coaching and consulting experience. Her approach is influenced by her experience of Gestalt and Transactional Analysis. She brings a pragmatist/reflector learning style to her work and draws on a number of tools and methodologies depending on a client’s circumstances. Julie helps people to make shifts in thinking, feeling and behaviour to generate the energy to make and sustain change.
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Pattie Horrocks – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Pattie has senior level HR experience in blue chip companies and major professional partnerships in both management and consultancy roles. Her focus is on improving organisational performance through increased individual contribution. She loves the ‘win win’ of organisations working more effectively as a result of individuals increasing their confidence and skills and bringing more of themselves to work. She is passionate about enabling others to develop trust in their authentic way of leading within a shared corporate vision. Clients consistently report that Pattie’s challenging but supportive approach leads to increased job satisfaction and performance.
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Jennifer Cramb – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Jennifer brings both a strategic and practical perspective to her work with organisations, teams and individuals. Her consulting experience includes working with senior teams; engagement; and leadership development.
Jennifer coaches executives and high potential individuals. She combines constructive challenge with a calm, thoughtful, and highly supportive presence. Her purpose in her work is to help her clients to flourish and realise their full potential. She enables her clients to enhance their own and their teams’ effectiveness, to generate solutions to challenges – creating a positive impact on their performance and their organisations.
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John Metherell – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience

After more than 10 years in Retail Management and 15 years in people development roles as an internal consultant John set up his own consultancy and coaching business in 2005. John’s approach to coaching is to provide a learning environment where the individual has the space to explore issues, learn about him/herself and their current situation, and with the appropriate challenge and support make the decisions necessary to move forward in the appropriate way for them, at the appropriate pace for them.
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Madeline Longshaw – UK

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Consultancy and Coaching experience

Madeline is a widely experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant with over 10 years’ experience designing and delivering a variety of management development, team development, facilitation, coaching and career interventions. Prior to coaching & consulting, she spent 13 years working in management roles within The Prudential and British Airways.

Madeline believes people typically achieve only a small proportion of what they are truly capable of. She enables her clients to discover their potential so they can not only astound themselves, but their teams, their customers and their organisations.
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Amelie Winhard-Stuart – Germany

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
For the last 20 years Amelie has her private practice in UK and Germany after a career in various management functions in international corporations. As an Executive Coach Amelie has worked for many years with senior executives from all over the world. In addition she designs and delivers tailored behavioural change support workshops and works on coaching skills training events. Her experience as an executive and as a coach gave her the opportunity to witness the power of coaching which allows senior executives to boost their existing talents, explore and develop their untapped resources and possibilities, and thus create breakthrough for themselves and their organisation.
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Marianne Trottier – Germany

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Before achieving her coaching- and training certificate in 2003 Marianne spend over 15 years in sales & marketing management-functions of service-providing companies, mostly based in Berlin, working throughout Europe and the US. Since 2004 Marianne established her consultancy business and since then she coaches managers and leaders in different industries. Her attention for the leadership role is concentrated on authentic, individual personality and professional communication such as feedback-culture, active listening and asking the right questions.
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Christiane Hotz-Firlus – Germany

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Christiane was working as CFO and CEO in the software industry for more than 15 years.
She started her coaching career in 2004. Her initial qualification to work as a business coach is a diploma in systemic coaching and as NLP Coach. Since then she has engaged in numerous activities of further learning and professional development.
One of Christiane’s strongest assets is her own experience in managing companies in different development phases and levels of maturity combined with the ability to lead, develop and grow people towards leadership and personal development.
She helps her clients to understand themselves, their motivation and their own style. Christiane beliefs that coaching should be constructively challenging – carried out with understanding and empathy.
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Christa Wilhelm – Germany

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
In was in Microsoft where she led a 100+ organisation, as the first central Marketing Director for Germany, that Christa developed her passion for coaching people to realize their full potential. Christa is known as a smart leader who leads with passion, dedication, and a can-do attitude. Her open and honest style is highly valued. As an executive coach she sees herself as a business partner and enabler for successful business change and personal development.
While Christa draws on her experience as a manager and leader, her profile is rounded off by her educational background, with an MA in economics and training as a systemic coach and consultant. For her clients, both individual and corporate, she is focused on strategic alignment, change management and crisis management during change processes, as well as on executive coaching and training.

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Pascale Vénara – France

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Prior to establishing her coaching business, Pascale spent more than 12 years as manager in International Companies (Bp, ExxonMobil) in marketing, sales, brand, communications and PR functions managing and working with multicultural teams (USA, Africa, Middle East and Europe).  Pascale now coaches managers and leaders to help them feel confident in their own contributions, work co-operatively towards shared goals in a cross-cultural environment. In addition to her individual coaching sessions, Pascale also conducts communication, management, leadership and personal development seminars that enable people to generate meaningful, long lasting results quickly & efficiently and take into account their deep desire and the importance of a balanced life. Pascale’s approach is based on humanistic psychology focusing on the dignity and intrinsic value of the person. 
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Carmen Morales - Spain

Download Carmen’s Profile Consultancy and Coaching experience Carmen is an Executive Coach with 12 years of experience, specialising in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development. Carmen brings significant Corporate Coaching experience in that she has coached Senior Executives-most notably, Chairman and CEO’s.
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Smeralda Ugucciono – Spain

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
With many years of international experience in the area of business and psychology, Smeralda is an expert in Leadership Development and Communications: She had acquired a valuable experience in Executive Coaching and Training in prestigious Business Schools in Spain such as ESADE, Pompeu Fabra University and EAE and in renown multinationals (Automotive, FMCG, Technology, Consulting, Retail, Energy) as a consultant. 
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Esther Pérez – Spain

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“Take awareness about your own values then you will have your own branded Leadership”, Esther bases her work of contributing to leaders’ success in transforming their organizations, teams and individual capabilities, on these principles.

Esther has extensive experience (16 years+) in Organisational Design and Development, Leadership Development, Coaching, Change Management, Talent Development, HR Strategy.

The expertise she offers has been developed throughout her experience of working with Senior and Middle Managers, Operators and Technicians in a variety of organisational contexts.
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Ana Oliveira Pinto – Portugal

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Ana has 14 years’ experience of working with organisations in change and development as an external consultant. Ana firmly believes that everyone is resourceful and has the capacity to find their own way of accomplishing their dream and life’s vision. Each of us can make a difference and positively influence the various systems to which we belong. As a Coach she provides her clients with the space to develop themselves to become the person they want to be, to take responsibly for their life, which ultimately means an awareness of ones’ limiting beliefs and paradigms and act upon them. As an organisational development consultant, her passion is to find new possibilities and perspectives that can enhance personal fulfilment and outstanding performance. Ana has worked for a wide range of sectors including IT, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG.
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Marie-Caroline Schwering – Belgium

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Marie-Caroline coaches executives and high potentials across a range of industries both multinational and international. Her focus is on personal and professional growth. Her approach looks at taking the coaching client out of his/her comfort zone, usually their intellectual competence, into the area of emotional intelligence, allowing him/her to enhance their awareness of self and their impact on others. Marie-Caroline provides a space for the individual to experience and learn to deal with their emotions in order to add this component to their range of competencies. Emotions become a strength rather than a weakness or threat. 
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Philippe Leonard - Belgium

Download Philippe’a Profile Consultancy and Coaching experience Philippe offers a combination of hands on experience in managing and leading people in several international organizations, along with solid expertise in leadership development and coaching. Through the years, he has realized that it is the people that make

a company successful. The biggest challenge managers and leaders face today is to develop their people skills to address the human side of their businesses. Philippe believes strongly that leaders lead more through their behaviours and interaction with others than through their words.
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Evelyn Spreitzer – Austria

Consultancy and Coaching experience

Evelyn Spreitzer specializes in Leadership coaching, training and consulting in communications. Evelyn works in association with SWAN Consulting and is Managing Director of her company and Associate Partner of a Civil Engineering office and a metal design company. The signature to her coaching work is being the goal-oriented one, the clear one staying on track, who gives orientation and structure even in difficult or complex situations. On the other hand she´s the empathic, warm-hearted women relying on her intuition – which is open to whatever has priority to be worked at.
After having graduated from the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna, she worked for ten years in leading positions with different companies and non-profit organisations.
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Maria Katsarou – Greece

Download Maria’s Profile Consultancy and Coaching experience Maria works in association with SWAN Consulting, and brings a wealth of “hands-on” coaching and corporate experience to her coaching and development of Leaders. She has worked within the corporate structure of national and multi–national companies, and has many years experience of having to negotiate her own path through personal and organisational challenges. These experiences enable her to combine her real world experience in coaching and development in her work with clients. Her philosophy is practical and pragmatic and she uses her skills to increase people’s effectiveness and maximise their potential.
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Claudia Crescenzi – Italy

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Claudia has significant experience in change management and is adept at ensuring any changes are fully understood to ensure full advantage is taken from these opportunities.
She has a track record to prove her skill and determination in problem solving, designing operational processes, team development and employee recognition programmes.
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Réka Gőbel – Hungary

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Being a consultant “You are not enriched by what you take from others, but what you give to others.” This simple message tells what Réka believes as key to success in her consulting work. She has supported organizations and people to change, transform and to develop professionally as well as culturally. She has operational excellence in HR strategy delivery, has extensive experience in Culture Development, Organization Development, Talent and Leadership Development, and Coaching primarily in the fast moving consumer goods sector and in multicultural NGO environment. Reka works in association with SWAN Consulting as a coach.
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Gyöngyi Kállai – Hungary

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“If you do what your heart and mind tell you, you act on wisdom” – is Gyöngyi’s personal and professional credo.

Another of her conviction is that if within the context of the highly complex and constantly changing environment of the 21st century you as an individual and leader “…do not like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less” (Shinseki). Gyöngyi is contributing to leaders’ success in transforming their organisations by harnessing organizational-, team- and individual capabilities and energies.

Gyöngyi has extensive experience (15 years+) in Organisational Design and Development, Leadership Development, Coaching, Change Management, Talent Development, HR Strategy Development and Implementation.
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Gülsün Zeytinoğlu - Turkey

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Profile Consultancy and Coaching experience Prior to creating her own training, consulting and coaching company, Gulsun worked for IBM for 10 years. Her work in IBM included training and coaching the new hired sales people in EMEA region for more than 4 years. Gulsun works in association with SWAN Consulting, and coaches individuals, relationships, and teams. Her fulfilment comes from contributing and witnessing the growth of her clients’ in reaching their potentials and becoming purposeful leaders. She believes in the impact of holding the individuals and the relationships creative, resourceful, and whole. I n addition to her coaching practice, she also develops, designs, and delivers her own programs focusing on leadership development, relationship management, and effective communication skills.
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Andrea Klinčoková – Czech Republic

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Andrea is a Slovak national who has lived and worked in the Czech Republic for the last 10 years. Originally from Bratislava, where she built the HR department for DHL in Slovak Republic, she relocated to Prague where she worked for several multi-national companies.
She is the current president of the ICF (International Coach Federation) Prague chapter.  One of Andrea’s biggest challenges is to develop the chapter by increasing awareness of and demand for coaching in the Czech Republic. Her ability to absorb ideas in one language and seamlessly transfer them to Czech or Slovak is a powerful ally in her work with her clients. Andrea works in association with SWAN Consulting in support of executive clients and their self development.
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Svetlana Chumakova – Russia

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Consultancy and Coaching experience Svetlana is an Executive Coach and HRD specialist with over 17 years experience in management and consulting.
Over the last 9 years the focus of her work has been on design and delivery of Leadership Development, Coaching, Talent Development, Change Management and Mentoring. She coaches with executives and managers and teaches coaching classes for managers and leaders.
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Daphna Horowitz – South Africa

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Daphna is passionate about working with people to create their personal success story. Having experienced a major career change herself, from Actuary to Executive Coach, Daphna is passionate about coaching people to living with purpose and fulfilment. Her specialty is in working with clients to create a life of balance and fulfilment, taking a holistic approach, while unleashing their full potential. Before establishing her coaching career, Daphna had extensive experience working within the corporate environment in the field of Actuarial Science, as part of a dynamic team specialising in Product Development, Consulting and Marketing (Swiss SA Reinsurance and Alexander Forbes Healthcare Consultants).

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Megan M Thomas – USA

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Consultancy and Coaching experience
Megan is a seasoned U.S. business executive and corporate coach based in the Detroit area and works in association with SWAN Consulting. She combines firsthand leadership experience with the principles of Co-Active Coaching as a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).
She has coached executives and managers in the Automotive, Advertising, Banking, Legal, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Consulting sectors.
Megan focuses on helping her clients to define and operate from a place of authenticity.
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