The Philosophy

SWAN Consulting exists to serve Leaders and Organisations to create an environment where all can be great.

SWAN Consulting believes in values based leadership.  The foundations of our work are the values that are SWAN.

The SWAN vision is to be known as a collective that fosters generative possibility

First 90 Days Transition Coaching for Leaders

NEW GLOBAL Service! First 90 Days Transition Coaching for Leaders

Making the successful transition to a new role How long do you get to prove yourself in a new job? Taking on a new role is an opportunity, a chance to start afresh and to bring about change in an organisation. It is also a period of personal growth as you establish new working relationships and a detailed understanding of your new role, team or organisation. This is true whether you’re stepping into a more senior role in the same organisation, moving to a new organisation, or taking on a different function (e.g. general management instead of functional specialist). There are external and internal elements to this coaching work. The external is about getting to grips with your new context, responsibilities, people and challenges. The internal is about letting go of your attachments and your identity with the old role, team and organisation, and working your way through a psychological transition into the ‘new you’, the leader you want to become in your new context. Role Transition Coaching is designed to help you establish momentum and credibility in the first crucial 90 days and beyond. By anticipating what’s ahead and reflecting on your early impressions and experience, the coaching will help you build a robust sense of what it will take to achieve your aspirations in your new role. We will tailor our work using the focus areas listed below. Putting on your new shoes Whether it’s all new faces; some new faces; or all of the same faces, your role is different and therefore so are your relationships. This includes your relationship with yourself – how you define your identity at work and your vision for what you’re trying to achieve (for yourself, for your business, for your people)’ How will you respond to more, or different, responsibilities? You have different shoes to fill now. If you can’t imagine yourself wearing them, neither will anyone else! Understanding the challenge You may be moving to an unfamiliar part of a business you already know, or working with a new organisation and new people. You have a new context to understand and different decisions to make. What will you need to learn about your new team, business, organisation or boss? What’s important about their past and what are the critical challenges ahead? How will you navigate the organisational culture and the power and politics of your new situation? The right plan Once you’ve got a handle on what’s going on and the key challenges, you need an appropriate personal strategy and plan of action. You need an eye on the long-term but you also need a short-term plan that is flexible and can be adapted as you settle in and get feedback from your first steps. How will you establish the right balance between listening, learning, appraising, leading and doing?

Leading change How will you go about changing things in a way which reflects your values, wins support, takes people with you, and builds on strengths? How will you address areas of vulnerability? What leadership qualities will you need to bring forward to motivate people and win commitment to, and energy for, your vision? The right people What about your team? Do they have the skills, attitudes and behaviour that you need to achieve your goals? How will you assess whether you’ve got the right people, processes and structures in place to deliver future success? Who are the movers and shakers in your team and who are just ‘sitting on the fence’. Using our energy and commitment tool you’ll be able to assess your team, and be better informed about what coaching you may need to provide to create the start of a high performing team. The right boss You didn’t necessarily get to choose your new boss (unless you are transitioning to a role where your boss stays the same) – but you have options about how to work successfully with him or her. Even if it’s your old boss, you have a new role and new responsibilities, so your relationship needs to be redefined. How will you work successfully with your boss, aligning your goals and ways of working? What support, advice, information or resources will you need, and how will you go about ensuring you get them, so you can be on your way to achieve your aspirations. The right network Once you have a better orientation to your immediate team, who else inside, or outside, your organisation will it be important for you to establish relationships with? Who will have a critical role to play in your success, and how will you get their support? Knowing who your key stakeholders are, and mindfully managing your relationship with them, is crucial for success in your first 90 days. Your new network needs wiring and our relationships tools can help you with that Supporting yourself What kinds of transitions (work or personal) have you experienced before, what’s worked for you in the past, what makes you confident, or apprehensive, about your ability to handle this one? What personal support will you need and where will you get it? Who will tell you if you’ve said something tactless, or missed a crucial piece of data? Who will tell you, honestly, when you’ve done a good job, read a situation accurately and displayed real leadership? You want people who will tell you the truth; not “yes men”. And you need to be able to hear

and respond to what they tell you. How will you develop your capabilities to solicit feedback; listen consciously and act mindfully? This programme is based on extensive experience with clients in transition, with theoretical frameworks provided by Michael Watkins (The First 90 Days) and William Bridges (Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes). No matter where in the World you are located, we have a transition coach who can work with you to make the first 90 days in your new role, a gateway to greater career success! Want to set up a no-obligation phone call to explore how it works and the costs?